• 12:21

    10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

    Welcome to our 10-minute jump rope workout! This is a fantastic cardio challenge for anyone who loves to jump rope with or even without the actual rope! Join trainer Sam Cameranesi as she takes you through a fun challenging calorie burning workout that will push you in a whole new way! The beauty of training…

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  • 10:44

    10-Minute Mini Exercise Ball Basics

    If you are ready for a tight, flat belly and strong thighs and glutes this 10-minute beginner mini-ball workout is going to be your new friend! In just 10 short minutes you are going to feel how small, subtle moves with the mini exercise ball can make a big difference throughout your entire core. Don’t…

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  • 16:23

    10-Minute Foam Rolling Recovery

    Are you feeling tight, achy or chronically sore? Ready for some relief? Many of us who finally start making the time for regular workouts forget the importance of real recovery for our bodies. After all, we are busy! We think, “I can barely squeeze in my regular workouts so adding something else seems impossible.” The…

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  • 11:28

    10-Minute Medicine Ball Workout

    If you are looking for an empowering cross-training workout that gives you both strength and cardio all in one, welcome to this 10-minute medicine ball workout. This workout uses a medicine ball workout for extra strength and a higher heart rate. The heavier your ball, the harder you are going to work! In just 10-minutes…

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  • 11:37

    10-Minute Upper Body Workout for Beginners

    If you are finally ready to get a strong, sculpted upper body then look no further than this 10-Minute Upper Body Workout for Beginners! Upper body strength is important for healthy aging and everyday movement. In addition, a beautiful, sculpted upper body is always an awesome way to avoid having to find long sleeves in…

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  • 10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing 2

    10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing 2

    Welcome to this 10-minute cardio kickboxing 2 workout! Cardio Kickboxing is the absolute best way to raise your heart rate while feeling powerful and strong as you punch, kick and jab your way through it all! Cardio kickboxing helps you burn a ton of calories while staying mostly low impact through it all. In this…

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  • 12:19

    10-Minute Legs and Glutes Workout 2

    If you liked our first 10-Minute Legs and Glutes workout, you’ll LOVE this follow up video too. In fact, you’ll love this even if you didn’t see the first one! Anyone who is looking for great legs and gorgeous glutes should check this out! This video maximizes your time to get you an efficient and…

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  • 10:53

    10-Minute Chest and Shoulder Workout 2

    Are you ready for some sculpted shoulders and a strong chest? Join us for this chest and shoulder workout where we take you through some awesome strength moves that will challenge your shoulders and chest until you actually feel the change happening while you work! Using a combination of weights and a stability ball you…

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  • 11:14

    10-Minute Back, Bicep, Tricep Workout 2

    Ready to strengthen and tone your upper body? Then join us for our Back, Biceps and Triceps 2 workout! This awesome back, bicep, tricep workout is all about strengthening the upper body so you see more definition in your muscles and establish some serious strength for everything you need to do! Strength training is a…

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